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Because we have the best technology our hyperbaric chambers are the most used in the world

What makes Tekna the best manufacturer of Hyperbaric Chambers? We are a complete internal manufacturer, our capabilities are based on having the best technology, we have specialized departments in Quality Control redundant in the details, 3D CAD / CAM / FEA Engineering Department, Circuit level design and PCB manufacturing, Department automotive quality paint, custom finishes, design and manufacture of rubber stamps, Clinical Design Department, Prototypes and product development among others, and all at the disposal of our customers, and committed to offering our services as best as possible to satisfy your needs.

At Tekna we are experts, we have more than a hundred years studying and researching with monoplace hyperbaric oxygen chamber, that is why we understand it and have managed to manufacture a wide range of products among which our fabulous Hyperbaric Chambers count.

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber has become a necessary tool in medical and aesthetic treatments. This excellent HBOT or hyperbaric oxygen therapy is characterized by providing 100% oxygen to the patient’s lung system, generating physical and physiological effects, improving some diseases and aesthetic procedures.

Our cameras and other products have been carefully designed to provide safety and comfort to the patient in each oxygen therapy.

If you wish to acquire some of our cameras, we offer you our various models of Hyperbaric Chambers, single-patient, at the same time, available in two models, ideal for small clinics or beauty centers, the hyperbaric chamber Multiplace, for several patients at the same time, in 7 models, among which the Mobiles count and the Veterinary Hyperbaric Chamber, for small pets or large animals such as horses.

Each chamber pressurized with 100% oxygen, with systems for the head, masks, or as required. We can make custom orders.

The Tekna Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber and other products can be seen and purchased through our website https://hyperbaric-chamber.com. We are just a click away to offer you our services and more, our experts are waiting for you!